Drilling for oil in your backyard?

If you live in Lethbridge, especially if you live on the westside, then you probably heard of Goldenkey Oil Inc. If somehow you have missed out on the door-to-door campaign or do not read, watch or listen to  news it is the company behind the 3 proposed exploratory oil wells in Lethbridge.  Whether you live on the west side or not this decision affects us all living in Lethbridge and surrounding Area. Here is a brief summary of the situation

*Goldenkey Oil inc has secured mineral rights from Alberta Energy on the west side and is now looking for permission from Alberta Enegry Regulator to drill 3 wells on privately owned land.

*The City of Lethbridge has no legal jurisdiction over oil and gas drilling within its urban boundaries. Drilling approvals are exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Alberta Energy Regulator

*Goldenkey Oil Inc has licensed the mineral rights for 23 square km within city limits underneath approximately 4000 homes affecting around 10,000 individuals.

Here is how this can affect us :

1) This can a have a negative affect on value of properties to nearby neighborhoods. House value , in some cases could drop as much as 15% . If your house is worth $300,000 that mean you could lose upwards of $45,000!

2)Potential water contamination

3)Air Pollution

4)Noise Pollution

5) Other possible health concerns as well

So what can we do? 

Sign the petition,Call our Local MLA, Contact Alberta Energy Regulator and voice your concern. 

Resources from this article came from (Check out these sites for phone numbers and signing the petition):






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