Taking the Stress Out of Gift-Giving

In classic Hallmark Holiday movies, the main character selects the perfect gift to lift someone’s spirits. Well, this week our blog was late because we are trying to sneak in those holiday chores including shopping.
Have you ever tried to buy a gift for someone who is just impossible to buy for? We do, we both do, EVERY YEAR.
Whether your kids are grown like mine (Jamie) or younger like mine (Christa) buying gifts is tough. Really. Some years, someone just wants one thing – remember Cabbage Patch Dolls, G.I. Joes, Furbies? Some years, there’s just a gift that presents itself. Or, your husband needs a new golf club or fishing pole, and boom Christmas is done.
This doesn’t just apply to immediate family.
Often as head shopper in the family, you also end up trying to pick out gifts for the extended family. And that’s when things get REALLY interesting.
Ever find yourself in a store wondering – do they have a Keurig? What about a Troll Doll? Maybe they’d like a Barbie? This Barbie sings, but this one is a doctor? What’s a fingerling? Why are they so popular? What do they do?
That’s when we usually start hitting up the pop up sales and holiday-themed events. If you go there’s a better chance you might find a unique gift while also supporting local. Except, we generally leave these sales with a few items for ourselves… okay more than a few and no Christmas gifts.
We envy those people who can get it all done by December. They buy the perfect gift for each person, are prepped and ready with Teacher, Bus Driver, Daycare worker, and favourite barista gifts. And, they do it all while they are incredibly calm, happy, and perfectly dressed. Those people are amazing. We want whatever they have in their coffee every day.
As we were talking about this (Did we mention it’s almost December and our shopping hasn’t even started? LOL), we also got to talking about Bad Moms. Not sure if anyone has seen Bad Moms Christmas, so we won’t ruin it, but you know what – we all put WAY too much pressure on ourselves.
So this year, we are going to hand out some gift cards without guilt – buy what you want on me! We’re going to hit up a holiday sale and buy the perfect necklace just because, and we’re going to hit the dollar store and buy a lot of gift bags – they are reuseable so you save the environment you won’t fill up your garbage as quickly (remember in Regina garbage is only collected every other week now). This way, we will have more time to watch those cheesy Hallmark Christmas shows and cheers to their perfect predictability.
The perfect gift to yourself is time. It’s the only thing we cannot buy but we can make more of it if we try.
Jamie & Christa
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