The Secret Life of a Realtor® Mom


The Secret Life of a Realtor® Mom


I imagine it goes something like this in the minds of most moms every single day. “I can make it through this day…I can do it!”

We get it. We understand the sticky hands, the muddy feet, the endless loads of laundry, and dishes that seem to come out of nowhere. The crayons on the floors, walls and somehow the ceiling, how does that even happen? The homework, the at home reading, the laundry (I know we mentioned the laundry but seriously… THE LAUNDRY!). The sports equipment in a room of its own, making it smell like something is rotting. The lego and toys from one end of the house to the other. The dishes, and endless lunch making, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and should we mention the endless taxi service to the hockey rink, dance studio, soccer facility or swimming lessons. We appreciate the exhaustion moms!

We cheers you!

We as Realtor® moms experience all these things as well. Our jobs are not 9-5 and we must work when no one else does or we are still working when everyone else is done for the day. We decided to title this, “The secret life a realtor mom,” so that you have a chance to get a glimpse at what we do in a day. You have all received false information if you think we lunch everyday… hahaha! Some days we are lucky if we can find a pack of fruit snacks at the bottom of our purses! I wonder how long that apple has been in the back seat for…whatever…I will just eat it!

We should be in the circus for the balancing acts that we do in a day! Here are a just a few things that we get to deal with daily and why we are thankful that in our other life we are MOMS!

Prospecting and networking, much like teaching our children how to make friends and be good humans, we must implement this into our daily lives at Realtors®. We continue to call our friends and family to remind them how great they are and how much we appreciate all they have done for us over our real estate careers. We must also go out everyday and make it our mission to meet at least one new person a day! Sounds simple…its not…thank goodness for those sports activities!

Managing listings are very similar to managing our home life. Only we do not have to post pictures of our own homes, so thankful for that. So, we help our listing clients to get their houses in a flawless place for photos, showings, and potential buyers. So that when our professional photographer comes in (we are moms and can take great photos of our kids, but real estate photos should be left up to the professionals) your home looks like a picture out of a Martha Stewart catalog. Secretly we would love our personal homes to look like a picture in a magazine, but it just never happens! So, we live vicariously through our clients!

Meeting home inspectors, the professionals that go into a home that you have purchased and make sure that you are aware of any possible flaws in your new home.  We are there to walk through the home with you and discuss all the possible options for the potential flaws in the home. For moms, its very similar to going to the doctor with our children when they are sick. We are prescribed a medication, and this hopefully will make them feel better. Is it guaranteed, nope. However, its what’s necessary to get them back to prime health.

We are master negotiators!! It is our job on both ends of the spectrum. We negotiate on your behalf, getting you the best possible price on a sale or purchase of your home! When you really consider your options for a master negotiator, it may be in your best interest to work with a MOM! We have this down to a science, we negotiate ALL DAY, everyday. Are you aware that in a child’s mind, clothing is optional? Or that when we say get your shoes on, it means stand in front of the television for 5 more minutes? Clean your room, actually means place all the clothing under the bed, stuff it into the closet or if your really lucky, toss it back into the clothes hamper…CLEAN! (It’s October, you have NOT worn a sun dress in 30 days how is that dirty??)

In all honesty, Jamie and I get it! We are MOMS! We feel all your mom pain, your triumphs, your victories, your feelings of failure, your “worst mom of the day awards”, but most importantly we know how important it is to have a place to call HOME! A place to raise your babies, a place for them to feel safe, and a place for you to be able to eat mini chocolate bars in the laundry room, because let’s face it, it’s the one place in the entire house that no one will bother you!




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