I have just had a "moving experience", and it has indeed given me more empathy and understanding for my clients; I also want to note that it's never pleasant dealing with a spouse who is easily offended!!

The frst thing I want to mention is the number of companies and services that do not listen, and pay attention to your requests, specifically: banks, insurance companies, and cable/phone companies all of whom were thorns in my side as I constantly had to call back and remind them to do their job!

I can certainly understand the stressors of those going through this who don't know "the ropes" goes beyond your patience at times, but steady we go.

From selling, to buying and moving from a larger home to the "downsize", the process is fraught with difficulties and frustrations for even the most oganized (ahem, that's me).

I know the experience will better help me serve my loyal clientele as I always try to make the way clear and take some pressure away from them. Sometimes we cannot control the process, but we can control how we handle it. 

Steady she goes!

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