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Century 21 recently launched a new online game called Property Mogul. The game takes place in Realopolis, a metropolis with different regions each featuring unique real estate opportunities.

Each player starts out with $1,000,000 and gets to decide how they want to invest in real estate: commercial, residential, or vacant land. The purchase process allows you to choose a mortgage of your choice, or the ability to buy the property outright. Once you purchase your property you have a few options: lease, renovate, or sell.

Realopolis has 16 difference regions ranging from: Rural - Walkerfield, Mystic Heights, Residential - Westfield, Daileys, Commcerial: The CBD, Lychee and Winston. The regions range in price and as you play the game different factors affect the values in each region.

The game can be played as quickly or slowly as you would like. Depending on your portfolio monthly updates will appear to the left of your screen outlining current rental income, mortgage payments and insurance payments.

Throughout the game you will have to make decisions about the properties that you own. Little challenges will pop up and you will have to decide how you will proceed, your decisions will affect your cash flow or reputation.

I've only been playing for a couple days, and these are my stats!

Net Worth: $1,998,861

Cash: $332,827

Reputation: +83

Properties: 2

A Fingalville apartment that I purchased for $296,000 and is currently valued at $437,000.

An office building in The CBD that I purchased for $1,215,000 and is currently valued at $1,649,000.

BUY LOW & SELL HIGH, click on the link below and give the game a shot. Try to become the Next Property Mogul, you may just surprise yourself!  

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