Reasons to buy with a REALTOR(R)!

There are many reasons to use a REALTOR(R) when you purchase a home, but here are 5 important ones to keep in mind.

1. They know the market. REALTORS(R) have experience with pricing, location, and history of properties that a home owner might not know. They have access to many homes that may meet your criteria, and can give you advice on price, location, and other matters that affect the value.

2. Negotiator. Yes, you get a free "negotiator"! They deal with the messy stuff in negotiations and have experience in handling these situations daily.

3. Protection! That's right! Your REALTOR(R) is working for YOU and will protect your interests in a good contract with conditions or exceptions...whatever is BEST for YOU.

4. Protection! Yes, REALTORS(R) must carry Errors and Omissions Insurance to protect you if something happens. A private sale can be tricky...let your REALTOR(R) handle that for you.

5. Disclosure. Your Realtor(R) must disclose anything that they might know about the property that may affect value. A 64 unit apartment building is going to be built on the empty lot across the street?? How come the home owner didn't tell me about that?? There was a suicide in the house?? The home owner never mentioned that, but a REALTOR(R) MUST disclose these things. Get your REALTOR(R)!

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