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Five Reasons Why You Need A Buyer’s Agent

To someone who is new to real estate, a Buyer’s Agent can be a fairly unknown concept. The idea of a real estate agent to assist the seller of a property is fairly common. However, there are agents in the industry with the sole purpose of helping individuals to purchase real estate as well. Puzzled? Below are 5 of the most important factors to help you in your decision to work with a Buyer’s Agent!

People thinking of buying a property have little experience about the rules, regulations and legal aspects of purchasing a home. Working with a Buyer’s Agent means you will have a proficient, highly knowledgeable individual in the field of real estate capable of giving you advice on a broad spectrum of aspects in the field of real estate. Having a Buyer’s Agent for this purpose alone will help you make a more educated decision.

Negotiation Skills
An Accredited Buyer’s Agent has special training to write contracts and represent you during negotiations. Having a Buyer’s Agent working for you will provide recent comparable SOLDS to provide you with the most up to date statistics in the local market.

Works with your best interest in mind
Based on the aforementioned points, an Accredited Buyer’s Agent who is performing his/her job with your best interests in mind, will provide you with a full menu of properties based on your preferences for the lowest possible price.

Real estate Buyer’s Agents are resourceful. They are well connected with other individuals in the industry giving them accessibility to properties that are not publicly available. This could result in you finding the perfect property without any competition and thus for a potentially lower price.

Service Costs You Nothing
While this is the final point, to some it may be the most important. Buyer’s Agents are paid a part of the commission (usually 50%) that is negotiated with the seller and the seller’s agent.

These are 5 of the main reasons to hire a Buyer’s Agent.

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