A Beautiful November drive to Peachland...

I started out this morning with an appointment to have my new snow tires installed. While All Day Automotive worked to install my tires, Shirley drove me up to Pier 1 so I could do a little shopping while waiting. Cam called to tell me three tires were the correct size but the fourth was wrong. I started to panic as I purchased the tires in Summerland and I had an appt. at 11:30 and a meeting at 3:00pm.  How was this going to happen.?

I made a call to the people I bought the tires from and they were gracious enough to meet me in Peachland at 2:00 pm after she finished work at 1:30...this gave me time to do my 11:30 but how was I going to have the fourth tire installed and be back at the office for 3:00pm.

Then something wonderful happened...I stopped struggling and decided to "go with the flow". You know that feeling?

It was a georgeous day, the sun was shining, and I had to make the trip to Peachland as short as possible. When I arrived at Bliss Bakery I still had time to soak up some rays and drink my tea on the Lake.

It was a wonderful break considering my day was consumed with getting my snow tires on. :)

I arrived back at the family run business, All Day Automotive at 2:45pm and was out the door just minutes before 3:00pm ! Amazing, I had a wonderful afternoon and had made it back for my meeting.

Thank you to all of you at All Day Automotive...I learned something...double check your information and dont count on someone eles to do it for you!  Smiles and grins,

Have a wonderful day!

Jan :)


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