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It is so important as we age to keep on top of those nagging problems...

a stiff back, siactica, arthritis, a sports injury. Instead of pain killers and surgery sometimes, there are other treatments.

I just came back from my second visit to see Wayne Still  "the SI Guy ".

I am amazed at how quickly my problem with how this treatment works. ! I had to share it!

I know people in their 60s,70s, and up who have problems with their hips, knees, and misc other aches and pains. They wouldnt have to suffer if they were aware, and used this type of treatment.

I first went to Wayne in 2010 thinking I was developing arthritis in my legs, as two of my siblings have AS. At my first treatment he was able to relieve the pain in my IT bands. I was no longer being wakened out of my sleep with the pain. I kept up my treatments and at every appointment I came away knowing that my flexibility and posture had improved. Since then Wayne has been able to help me in all areas of my body. The latest being my shoulder, triceps,and ulma nerve in my right arm. I am so happy he helps me and I should have seen him months ago when I first injured it!

I met an senior lady, who appeared to be in good shape just before my last appointment with Wayne and asked her what type of ailment she had.

She replied " none right now, just keeping tuned up." she smiled.

You can check Wayne out on his web site at The SI Guy.com.

His clinic is in Penticton, but he comes to Kelowna every two weeks.

Don't let those little aches and pains become any bigger! ....look into preventative medicine.

' Its not the quantity of years you live as much, as the Quality of Life you have!'

Just saying, :-) Happy New Year! Janet Sime



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