Pitch Perfect at the the Grand 10

Friends and I participated in Cheap Tuesday at the Grand 10 last night. Dont know why I was suprised to find that the

ticket was so cheap! :) My friend said to the ticket gal  "she doesnt get out much!"  Smiles and grins.

Pitch Perfect is definately a "feel good" movie if you like musicals. With a little bit of drama/comedy this movie will

have you and the kids smilin. Ninety percent of the audience was women so could be a "chick flick."

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves to sing. I sing in a choir and am definately adding this to my movie collection.

Visited Freddy's Brewpub after the show for a glass of wine and appy. Happy to hear the results of the American


A very nice way to spend a Tuesday evening on a wet dreary night in Kelowna.!

Does anyone remember The Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith??? He was a wonderful TV personality.

He always signed off with a glass of wine saying "I bid you peace".  

So I think today I will sign off "I bid you peace and joy!"

Yours, Janet Sime

Janet Sime

Janet Sime

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