Summer Saturdays

Love Summer Saturdays- 25 degree weather, nice breeze, sun beaming, what more could you ask for? Today is an official morning off. One where I can enjoy what the weather has to offer.


7:00am my first stop- Fresh Air Experience.  We drive with our bikes strapped to the car from our home in Glenmore to the lower Mission. We decide to take the morning in on our bikes, riding the road, weaving in and out of city streets. The city is so magical first thing in the morning when many households are still asleep. The smell of fresh, grass being cut, the moist mist coming from the sprinklers and friendly passerbys waving as they start their day.


8:15am- destination Kelowna Farmer’s Market. We ride to the Farmer’s Market and enjoy viewing the bountiful blend of fresh organic produce before our eyes. I am always so amazed at how much our beautiful city has to offer. The smell of roasting potatoes catches my nose and I cannot help but to taste them. Seriously recommend the Kelowna style spuds on a stick. Yum. Just as I was thinking about how much I enjoy re-connecting with the city, a vendor catches my eye. Amazing, talented Rio that specializes in making products from recycled material. I bought a very versatile, black, suede purse. Love it! I can carry all my personal belongings and even my laptop, so convenient. My visit to the Kelowna Farmer’s Market is now complete.


9:00am- back to Fresh Air Experience to retrieve the car and make my way back home to get ready for the office. What a glorious way to start the day. The team at Fresh Air Experience is so amazing. As I was riding from one place to another, I found my bike needed a little tweaking and they had it working like new again. I made my home and was pleased that I didn’t fall off my bike, but I did fall in love with Kelowna all over again. I love this city!

Janet Sime

Janet Sime

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