Moisture Problems in Homes

Vital part of any home inspection is detecting moisture in walls, floors and foundations. Moisture problems not only come from outside the home but it can come from inside like Laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and attics. Water surfaces can easily break down around bathroom tub, shower and sink which can cause damage to the walls behind. Wax seal under the toilet can cause problems too. If the seal is broken water will leak out which will be absorbed by the wooden flooring. It can damage the ceiling in the room below the bathtub.

Missing roof vent can cause major problem to the attic. Exhaust fans in the house are connected to the flexible pipe to remove moist air and odours. If these pipes fall off of the roof vents then the moist air will be going into the attic. This can cause mold growth and air quality issues.

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Jas Bhullar

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