Riding the Bull Through The Boom!!

2007...Here comes the bust!! The crash of the housing market in 07 has left some home owners and investors in quick sand with their hands tied behind their backs. Yes it was a big hit, and it sure was not accounted for by the majority, but where do we stand now?  And what direction are we heading?
The laws of nature and physics have taught us that  every action has a reaction, and at the bottom of every hill there is a high mountain.  And history has written through its long pages and chapters that every boom had to bust.  From the Great Depression (1929) to Black Monday (1987) to the dotcom Bubble (1990`s) etc., the market has always proven its resilience in getting back on its feet, weathering the storm and moving  full throttle ahead.

So is it a good time to invest in the housing market now in an economy that fell on its knees?  An economy that is just moving off of life support?

Interest rates have reached a historical low and are expected to rise in the second quarter of this year, according to the bank of Canada. And with house prices rising slowly, but still a long shot of what they were previously, what a better time to get in the market today and get a head start to the top of the mountain!  What a better time to ride the upcoming bull market!  There is only one direction the market should  take from here ...sure it might be a little bumpy, long and slippery along the way, but hold on tight....here comes the boom!!!

Jason Ammar

Jason Ammar

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