Broken Pipes / Water Damage

Ok.  It is cold.  We, as Canadians, are used to the chill, but our outside spouts and pipes are not.  They cannot put on a coat, but they can freeze.  And they do. Some communities last year and again this year are experiencing frozen main lines coming into the house which can create issues, but at least they are outside.

The big problem is when pipes freeze from the outside.  I just experienced this for the first time ever.  The pipe that feeds the outside hose froze.  Despite a frost-free spout, Mother nature won.  This caused in the pipe inside to burst which resulted in flooding in the basement.  A lot of water flows over a 10 hour period and this can create short and longterm issues.

Mould begins to form within 36 hours and can be a massive issue.  Get on the wanter right away.  If the area is finished, open it up, dry it out, and ensure not even a drop of water remains.

To prevent this, check your outside pipes,  Warm them up and wrap them.  Give them a coat.


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