Training Makes a Difference

Real estate training makes a difference in bringing sellers and buyers together.  When I refer to training I am meaning of the sales representative.  Like any other professional or specialist, certifications, continuing education, specific expertise and knowledge all makes a difference.  

Would you want a plastic surgeon who got their license in 1982, but has not updated their education regularly doing work on you? Me, not so much.  I want the specialist who is on top of their game, up to date on current techniques, and someone who is dedicated to continuous learning. That way, I know this expert is actually an expert.

Same goes for real estate.   I commit 10-12 hours per week to learning.  This is critical as it allows me to service my customers, buyers or sellers, with contemporary marketing, global access, innovative approaches, as I would expect of any specialist I work with.

I see this as an investment in my personal growth, but more importantly, it helps me hone my skills for my customers.  Training can include meeting with lenders to understand trends and oppprtunities or expanding knowledge in global selling to distant buyers or researching internet techniques being introduced in months to come that would highlight properties for added value.

Why do I focus on training?  Because it is the right thing to do.  Does this enable me to be more successful?  Absolutely.  Does that help my clients?  Most certainly.  If you are working with another agent, ask them what they do for training.  Or, call me.  I am please to share my thoughts.





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