A Good Sign For Bad Signs

The City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing & Standards has deemed that too many FOR SALE signs are donning Michael Power Place in Etobicoke and have removed them.  It would only seem fair that an OWNER of a condominium should be allowed to present a FOR SALE sign to the public.  After all owners of residential properties are allowed to do so.  And its not a value concern.  Some condominiums are priced equal to or above its residential counterpart per square foot.  There are restrictions to post these signs on the property by the condominium corporation and it is perfectly legal and commonplace.  Some condominium corporations even go so far as NOT ALLOW OPEN HOUSES altogether.  This in my opinion is not fair and you can only imagine how an OWNER wishing to sell and get on with their lives of a condo feels.  I run 4 OPEN HOUSES a weekend and sell the majority of my clients listings from these events. VENDORS are getting short changed.  Be sure before you buy a condo you make sure if OPEN HOUSES are allowed. 

  Lets face it, condo owners on Michael Power Place are typically first time home buyers and use the TTC to commute to work.  Most start off single, meet a partner and then have child. More space becomes a priority and within 3-5 years its time to move again.  If you don't fall into this demographic that means that you are paying way too much to your profession and as a result have climbed the corporate ladder. You will either get transferred to another city AND/OR make so  much more income you upgrade your space.  LIVIN LA VIDA LOCA!  Now that you have to sell, can't post a for sale sign or even have an OPEN HOUSE have you limited maximizing your potential gains in your condo?  In my opinion YES.  Are there ways to avoid such pitfalls? Yes. List with me!  I have tactics to circumvent these short comings.

  There are 9 separate buildings on Michael Power Place, Etobicoke.  Each one has different restrictions on SIGNS, OPEN HOUSES and pets as well as whether hydro is included in the maintenance fees.  Some of these buildings have better RESERVE FUNDS than the other and coincidentally its financial health.  Its a maze of property managers and getting in  touch with them and getting answers quickly is like roller skating up a hill in winter. Possible but time consuming and difficult. Some property managers only work 2 days a week for 6 hrs!  Can you believe that?  I personally know ALL the property managers on Michael Power Place, know ALL the restrictions for pets, signs, OPEN HOUSES and have all the financial documentation of each building.  Why trust an agent who does not have all tools at hand.  Would you climb the HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS without a SHERPA?  You could but you may not make it to the top or even get back down.  Why put your one of your biggest life decisions in to someones hands that you can't trust? You can trust me!

  If you are still reading I have one last point to sum all this up.  I have been reprimanded by the City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing & Standards for having too many FOR SALE signs on Michael Power Place. I have put 1 out for each of my listings.  Although I have obliged the investigations unit and removed my signs I just wanted to let everyone know that I have 4-6 listings on this street at any given time over the past 2 years and I feel it only a GOOD SIGN FOR BAD SIGNS on the street in my regard.  Obviously OWNERS are trusting me with one of the biggest possessions in their lives, their HOME.   I will continue to lobby against the city for erecting FOR SALE SIGNS as I feel its everyone’s right to do so when its time to move.  Unfortunetly I  cannot win this war vs the condo corporations as it is written law and un winnable and my attempts have failed miserably.  Why should you the OWNER be held back from moving on with your lives?  Selective advertising is discriminatory.  Luckily my marketing program makes up for this unfairness........................check out how I accommodate this dilemma on my websites.

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