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Dundas is known as the Valley Town, or The Cactus Capital. Dundas has had a stable population for decades at about 20,000 because it has not annexed rural land from the protected Dundas Conservation Area. Before receiving the name Dundas in 1814 it was named Cootes Paradise. It was incorporated in 1847 as part of the Wentworth County. With the establishment of McMaster University in nearby West Hamilton in 1930, Dundas gradually became a bedroom community to the university faculty and students. In 1976 Town Council proclaimed Dundas the " The Cactus Capital of Canada" because of Veldhuis Cactus Greenhouse (which are now closed). This gave rise to the Cactus Festival, as the people of Dundas were looking to create a summer festival with a strong theme. Dundas is also known for its quaint shops.

There are many water falls in Dundas, the two most popular being Websters Falls and Tews Falls, which are both accessible by the Bruce Trail. Websters Falls got its name from Joseph Webster, who purchased the land in 1819. One of the first hydro- electric generators in Ontario was built at the base of the falls. The Dundas Peak may also be a place of interest to some people. It overlooks Dundas from the Bruce Trail in Flamborough. It is one of the most visited places in Dundas. Hikers can get to the Dundas Peak from the trail at Websters, or Tews Falls.


Landmarks/Things to do in Dundas

Some historic landmarks are the Collins Hotel, which up until recently was the longest operating hotel in Ontario. It was built in 1841, but has been modified several times, but the exterior has remained unchanged since the 1880's. It was both a tavern and hotel until late 1968. It is now called Collins Brew House and is therefore the evolution of an Irishman's dream and a piece of history that refuses to be forgotten. Another is the Carnegie Gallery. It was built in 1910 and was the town's library, but in 1980 it was made into an art gallery, and is still used for that purpose today.

Make sure to visit during the first weekend of June, to enjoy the Buskerfest. Every year Buskers from around the world stop in to show residents and visitors of Dundas a good time. There are jugglers, stilt walkers, comedians and much more. Make sure to also visit Dundas when the Cactus Festival comes to town on the third weekend in August.  Every year it is started off by the Cactus Parade, then the festival begins. There are rides, a reptile show, live entertainment and much more.

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