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Things About Kelowna And Area You May Not Know...

K.L.O. - means "Kelowna Land and Orchard Company", the company owned most of the land in that area for many years.

Kelowna's Fall Wine Festival is ranked amongst the "Top 100 Events in North America" year after year.

Mount Boucherie is one of five extinct volcanoes found in the Okanagan.

Kelowna's five major performance companies produce over 15 plays and musicals each year.

The "Sunny Okanagan" earned its namesake due to the over 2,000 hours of sunshine that recreational enthusiasts enjoy each year.

Dilworth Mountain was named after John Dilworth, an early Kelowna farmer.

Knox Mountain was named after Arthur Booth Knox who arrived in the Okanagan in 1874

There are 28 Regional Parks in the Central Okanagan.

The Shell Aero Centre welcomes private aircraft and provides pilot services such as sleeping quarters, cooking facilities and 24 hour Customs.

Kelowna International Airport welcomes nearly 1.5 million visitors each year!

The Okanagan Sunflower is the official floral emblem of Kelowna and is also called Arrowleaf Balsamroot. The Okanagan Sunflower thrives particularly well in the Kelowna area and is one of the longest blooming wildflowers, providing abundant splashes of bright yellow on the hillsides in early spring.

Ellison District: Named for Price Ellison, stock raiser and wheat farmer, who was a long time resident of the area. Ellison served as MLA from 1898 to 1916 and was Minister of Finance and Agriculture in 1910.

Oyama: Named for Iwao Oyama, a Japanese Field Marshal who fought in the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War.

Wood Lake: Circa 1860, Thomas Wood became the first settler in the area now known as Winfield, named for Wood's home, Winfield Lodge.

Ogopogo: The name Ogopogo came from a music hall song popular in the 1920's. Ogopogo has been called a Demon Fish, Snake, Sea Serpent, Big Lake Devil, Oar Fish, Giant Sturgeon, That Thing, And by the First Nations, N'Haatik. In 1926 the government announced that the new ferry being constructed for Okanagan Lake would be equipped with monster repelling devices.

Okanagan Lake Info:

Surface Area - 87000 acres

Mean Depth - 76 Meters/249 feet

Maximum Depth - 230 Metres/755 feet

Total Volume - 24,644 km (cubed)

Water Residence or Renewal Time - 52.8 Yrs

Shoreline Length - 270 km/168 miles

Maximum Width - 5 km/3 miles

Minimum Width - 1.5 km/1 mile

Average Width - 3.2 km/2 miles

If you have anything to add to this list please contact me at: jason.neumann@century21.ca


Jason Neumann

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