Spring Gardening Checklist

This is a great checklist from Candian Gardening by By Lorraine Flanigan 

  • Spread finished compost on beds; add kitchen scraps

and yard trimmings to the bin to start a new batch

of compost.

  • Divide mature perennials such as phlox, showy

stonecrop and bee balm.

  • Harden off seedlings and transplant them to the garden

once all danger of frost is over.

  • Stake tall perennials such as herbaceous peonies,

delphiniums and bellflowers.

Install a rain barrel to collect runoff from eavestroughs

and use this to water your plants.

  • Plant out tomato and pepper plants once soil

temperature reaches 17°C.

Tidy up spring-flowering perennials, such as aubretia,

creeping phlox, pinks and thyme, by shearing them back

once they’ve flowered.

As rhododendron and azalea flowers fade and

seed heads form, pinch them off. This

diverts energy from seed production

to overall plant vigour.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs,

such as forsythias and lilacs,

right after they bloom.

Fertilize daffodils, crocuses and

tulips after flowering.

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