5 Do It Yourself Projects for Under $100


Change the look and feel of your home instantly with a quick swap of fixtures or by adding a new installation. Save space and money with these five ideas you can tackle in an afternoon.

1. Hang Natural Fiber Shades

How to do it: Use natural fiber shades to highlight the transition between indoors and outdoors and help insulate windows.

Estimated cost: 23-by-72-inch Bamboo Roman Shade, similar one shown, about $26 at Target.

2. Turn a Closet Into a Home Office

How to do it: Unhinge the door and trade hanging rods for shelves—a deep one for the desktop and two shallow ones above for storage.

Estimated cost: One 20-by-24-by-¾-inch and two 12-by-24-by-¾-inch white melamine shelves, metal standards, and shelf brackets, all by Elfa, about $95 at The Container Store.

3. Add Floating Shelves

How to do it: Add floating wall-mount shelves in place of a bookcase to free up valuable floor real estate. The shelves' hidden hardware gives them a sleek, airy look.

Estimated cost: 3-foot-long wood Chunky Wall Shelf, about $34 each at West Elm.

4. Unclutter Your Workbench

How to do it: Organize workbench clutter on a simple pegboard rack.

Estimated cost: DPI's 4-by-8-foot white perforated pegboard wall panel, about $16 at Lowe's. Crawford's 43-piece pegboard organizer with hooks, baskets, and jars, about $11 at Ace Hardware.

5. Bring It Down to Eye Level

How to do it: Lower your art to eye level, about 64 inches from the floor.
Estimated cost:
Reposition 17 pieces with the OOK Valu-Pak Pro Hanging Kit. about $9 at OOK.

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