Great Idea's on Turning Your Lilies into Breathtaking Decorations for Easter

Great Idea's on Turning Your Lilies into Breathtaking Decorations for Easter


Easter lilies


1. Create an elegant Easter lily centrepiece

  • Keep it simple with a row of potted Easter lilies along the centre of your table. Select small, low pots of lilies for this arrangement so dinner guests can still see each other across the table.
  • Add style and colour with decorative pots and planters in bold shades.
  • Place pots on a long serving tray or wooden cutting board, which will do double duty to unify the collection and prevent damage to the table.


2. Welcome guests with stately palms and lilies

  • Place large billowing palms in a decorative planter or urn outside your door when temperatures are above 15°C, or indoors in an entranceway.
  • Flank your large palm arrangement with smaller pots filled with Easter lilies or other spring blooms. This makes it easier to tend to each plant's needs and avoid overcrowding. Try pansies, primrose or violet. For more ideas, visit our Plant Library.


3. Make the perfect potted Easter lily gift

  • When you give a potted plant as a gift, it should be ready to put on display, so be sure to remember details such as a drip tray or a decorative pot to place it in.
  • Place several small pots of lilies in a portable basket; line the bottom with plastic to prevent leaks.
  • Fill out your basket with more spring bloomers like snapdragons or pansies.
  • Once you've filled your gift basket, wrap it carefully. Cut a large square of decorative wrap, place your container in the centre and staple the corners together, being careful not to harm any of your flowers.
  • Wrap flowers no more than a few hours before delivering to prevent wilting.  Keep wrap loose to prevent damage to your plants.


Easter lily care tips:

  • When choosing your plants, select ones just coming into bloom for a longer-lasting display.
  • Place your Easter lilies near a window that receives bright, indirect natural daylight. These spring bulbs prefer temperatures of around 15°C.
  • Remove the stamens (orange stems in the middle of the bloom, filled with pollen) as soon as the flowers open to avoid stains caused by pollen that drops onto surfaces.
  • Keep the pots moist by watering thoroughly when the soil surface feels dry. Add water until it seeps out of the pot drain holes. Repeat this several times.
  • If the pot is wrapped in decorative foil, be careful not to let the plant sit in trapped, standing water.





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