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$297,314 Avg. List Price

With an approximate gross area of 177 hectares, Glenwood is larger in total area than the average neighbourhood. The portion of the neighbourhood east of 163rd Street was developed during the 1950s and the area to the west was developed throughout the 1960s. A large proportion of Glenwood’s properties are residential, with some commercial and institutional land uses. This neighbourhood has six schools, four parks, nine religious assemblies and a variety of commercial spaces of differing sizes and scopes. Many of Glenwood’s businesses are located between a roadway couplet system; Stony Plain Road and 100th Avenue, Many more businesses are located at nearby Mayfield Common and also at West Edmonton Mall. Housing unit types are diverse in this neighbourhood. The housing stock includes single and semi-detached homes, row housing, and low and high rise apartments. The housing units are fairly evenly split between renters and owners.

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