Big Q to find tenants for my rental property

Are you a property owner, investor or landlord trying to find clients for your rental properties? Getting tenants to rent your property is a matter of advertising and spreading the word. After all, how is a tenant to rent a home if they don’t know who to rent from? But are you aware of all the outlets you have at your disposal?

Relationship Advertising

Word-of-mouth through current tenants and family can attract connections with the added benefit of having people you are familiar with put in a good word for you. For professional help, talk to a realtor. You may check in with a few realtors to find someone you trust handling the advertising of your land. Though they charge a commission, they will take off the stress of doing the work yourself.

Advertising Through Print Media

With print media, you are essentially putting up physical signs attempting to grab people’s attention.  The simplest is to put up a For Rent sign in the window of your property to perhaps grab the attention of locals passing through looking for open spots. The next step is to expand your range and post signs around the town on local bulletin boards. The bolder your poster, the more attention it will attract. For a more systematic approach, though more expensive, advertise through the newspaper. Just as with online listings, print listings will reach out to those in search who decline to use online resources in their search.

Social Media Advertising

Using rental websites is an obvious first choice. Sites specifically meant for rental listings is going to funnel an audience indicating that it is in search of property just from entering the site. You are bound to get some respondents with this. What you may not immediately resort to is the use of social media. Many companies today use social media to advertise their business or a particular product or service they offer. You can do the same with your property by making a Facebook or Twitter page. If you do not have the resources to do that, you can also advertise on your personal pages as well.

And finally, the simplest method is to just give good customer service. Offering discounts for move-ins before a set date puts the pressure on seekers to buy sooner and bring your sale to a close. At any indication of customer interest, be sure to offer a prompt response to not keep them waiting. Remember, if you don’t assist your customer, someone else will.

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