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This post marks my 10,000th tweet and I couldn't let that milestone pass without a bit of reflection.  First, a big shout out to the 2,191 people who follow me.  I'm truly amazed so many people take an interest in what I have to say or share so thank you one and all.

I can't really remember why I joined Twitter in February of 2009.  It was likely too cold out to do much else so I decided to check it out.  Like many, I was confused at first.  I began by following some wonderful people in Kitchener Waterloo and within the real estate and social media communities.  After about 2 weeks, Twitter became indispensible in my daily life. 

For the numbers people, I tweet about 6 times a day on average.  I'm not sure who came up with it but I love the analogy of Twitter as a cocktail party.  The beauty of it is it's your party - you choose who to invite and engage with.

So what have I learned?  Fisrt, there are so many amazing and brilliant people on Twitter and I thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice with me.  Second, don't feed the trolls.  Thank you Scott Stratten @unmarketing for that last bit of wisdom.

I have people ask me what's the ROI on Twitter.  I think they may be missing the point.  I'm not on Twitter exclusively as a Realtor although I do tweet about real estate.  I'm an individual with many and varied interests including helping those within my local community.  I'm also constantly learning from the people I follow.  So the next time someone poses that question, I'm going to ask:  What's the ROI on trying to be a better human being every day?

Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know your thoughts!        




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