5 Spring Tips on Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing your Kitchener Waterloo home for sale in the Spring months requires a greater emphasis on the exterior of the home.  Here are 5 tips to make a lasting impression with the buyer.

1.  Driveways and Walkways

Buyers and buyer's agents begin evaluating your home the minute they leave the sidewalk.  It should go without saying if you have big ruts in your driveway, replace it.  If there are cracks, have them sealed.  If there are weeds coming through the sidewalk, pull them.  If there is a trip hazard, have it fixed.  Look at all the details with a critical eye as the buyer and particularly the home inspector certainly will.

2.  Porchs and Railings

Always check your railings to make sure they are secure.  If they are rusting, get out the Tremclad.  On the porch, make it inviting.  If there is room for a table and chairs, place them there.  If you smoke there, remove all evidence.  Finally, measure the drop from the porch to the ground.  Just because your builder didn't put a railing there doesn't mean it's safe.  Check your local building codes.  Note that adding a railing may increase the value with greater curb appeal.

3.  The Front Door

Front doors are a focal point and it's important they create a good first impression.  If your wood or storm door has seen better days, invest in a new one that dresses up the outside and lets in ample light to the foyer.  Replace any worn hardware and apply a coat of paint to make it shine.  If your side panels are harvest gold, it's time!  Check screen doors for both function and fashion.  If either are lacking, repair or replace as required.

4.  The Garage Door

Much the same applies here as with the front door.  Check the function of the door and the automatic garage door opener.  If it's past its' due date, consider replacing it and adding glass panels to increase your curb appeal.  If there is living space above, an insulated door is a wise choice.

5.  Landscaping

Pay special attention to the front lawn and flower beds.  A little effort here goes a long way.  Pull the weeds, plant some flowers with a dash of colour and put down fresh mulch.  Trim trees and shrubs and remove any that are too close to the home.  Note an ideal distance from the house to the shrubs is 1 foot.  This allows air flow and prevents moisture accumulation and associated problems.  Finally, pay attention to the grading.  A gentle slope away from the foundation walls will allow for proper drainage.

In reading these tips, you'll note that some may require a considerable investment.  In general, homeowners should be spending approximately 2% of the value of their home per year in maintenance and repairs.  If you have, congratulations on your pride of ownership.  If this hasn't been the case and there is deferred maintenance, you have 2 choices.  You can invest in your home and achieve a timely sale at top dollar.  The alternative is to have the home sit on the market for a considerable amount of time until a buyer is found who can afford to buy it and pay for the improvements.

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