Lessons Learned From My Grandparents

My grandmother passed away last week at the golden age of 93 and with her went the last of her generation in my family.  Her passing rekindled many fond memories of youth.  I had the good fortune to spend a great deal of time with my grandparents as a child.  My grandparents' lives and attitudes were forever shaped by the Great Depression and World War 2.  They were hard-working savers who shunned risk, debt and the stock market.  They learned to live with the bare necessities of life.  As a child, I recall stories of my grandfather doing manual labour for $1/day and my grandmother making clothes out of flour sacks.  My grandfather would put chewing gum on the bedpost at night and chew it again the following day.  When they bought their first car, they didn't drive much as they couldn't afford the gas.  As children, we were encouraged to stay in school as they saw that as the key to a better future.  The lessons of their stories were always things like sacrifice, love, faith, family and community.  This, more than any inheritance or worldly possession, is the legacy of their generation.  It's important for future generations to embrace this "wisdom of the ages" to gain perspective on things like job losses and falling stock markets.  Theirs was indeed the greatest generation.    

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