So Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

This is a popular question from my first-time buyers.  So what is title insurance?  It's an insurance policy that protects residential property owners and their lender against losses related to the property's title or ownership.  Likely the biggest reason to get title insurance is protection against title fraud.  For a complete primer on title insurance in Ontario, visit Understanding Title Insurance

Recently, I had a call from concerned clients who had purchased a beautiful townhome in the Huron Woods area.  They had been visited by the City of Kitchener and were cited for deficiencies with their raised deck.  It appears the previous owner had built a deck that didn't meet standards.  Our prepurchase home inspection failed to note it so the buyers inherited the problem.  They were relieved to hear that title insurance would cover the cost of making it right.

Title insurance, like fire and auto collision insurance, is something you hope you never need to use.  But as the situation above illustrates, there are times when you(and your Realtor) are glad you spent the $300 to purchase coverage.

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