The Mystery of the Disappearing Toilet

When I was a kid, I used to read a series of mystery books involving the Hardy Boys.  Each book would see the brothers tackle and solve a mystery.  Real estate doesn't have many but recently, when a client took possession of their resale home, a mystery ensued.

Remember the excitement of buying your first home?  As a Realtor, the experience of helping a first time home buyer deal with the ups and downs of their purchase is gratifying.  I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful young couple who, after a thorough search, found the perfect home in Stanley Park.  One of the defining features of their new home was an oversized bathroom.  In this bathroom, the seller had installed the new toilet pictured above.  In fact, it was such a nice toilet that the listing agent felt obligated to include it in the marketing photos for the home.

The night before the buyers took possession, we returned to do our final inspection.  I always recommend a final inspection or final walk through to ensure nothing has changed since the time of the offer.  As is common, nothing was amiss and the purchase closed as scheduled the next day.

You can likely tell where this is heading.  Sure enough, the buyers entered their new home only to discover the toilet had been switched by the seller.  The buyers emailed me and asked for guidance.  My first reaction...I'm amazed by the sellers gall.  I called the listing agent and described what had happened.  He talked to the seller who said she "didn't know" she couldn't take her toilet and that it "broke" during the move.  I relayed this to the buyer and indicated they could pursue the matter through small claims court.  They politely declined indicating it wasn't worth the time it would take.

Here's the takeaway from this incident.  Sellers are oligated to leave anything that is fastened with the home unless otherwise provided for in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  Most sellers in Kitchener Waterloo are honourable and do the right thing.  The bizarre example above illustrates you can do all the right things as an agent and a buyer and still be caught off guard.  Forunately, the clients took it in stride.  I attended their housewarming party and they love their home, toilet and all. 

If you're looking to buy your first home in Kitchener Waterloo, I can help.  I'll consult with you to take the mystery out of buying.  Feel free to call or email 519-505-4488


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