This Isn't Your Grandma's Wallpaper

For those of you under 30, at one time wallpaper didn't decorate your computer screen but rather your walls.  Trends in home decor tend to be cyclical and the resurgence of shag carpeting is just one example.  Oprah Winfrey recently pronounced that wallpaper in home decor is back.  Wall coverings are hip and trendy and no longer reserved just for walls as ceilings are being decorated as well.  Right about now you're thinking "but wallpaper is so 1970's".  Indeed, many buyers shake their head when we view homes for sale that haven't been decorated in many years and display "vintage" wallpaper.   Today's wall coverings come in a variety of styles, textures and materials.  They're often designed to make a personality statement or produce a feeling of warmth.  An example is to create a focal point by doing just one wall.  If redecorating is on your mind, check out wall might be surprised!  Air Miles collectors may want to check out

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