When Is The Best Time To Sell My Kitchener Waterloo Home?

First-time sellers of Kitchener Waterloo real estate often struggle with this question.  Twenty-two years of selling real estate has taught me there is an ideal time to sell every home.  Choosing the wrong time of the year to sell can cost a seller thousands of dollars in hard earned equity.  Other times, it can result in an expired listing or a home that failed to sell at all.  Let me use the following real life example to illustrate.      

In December, I received a call from a couple who had found an ideal property they wished to purchase.  In order to make that happen, they needed to sell their current home.  Their home had some positive features and some negative features as do most homes.  The positives were that it was on a large lot with a southern exposure to the 3 season sunroom, beautiful deck and landscaped yard.  It also had a handyman's dream - a detached, double garage/workshop.   The negatives were that it was a small, frame house set close to a busy street.  In short, selling that home in winter would magnify the negatives and leave few clues as to the positives.  When the snowplow went by, it felt like you were in harm's way.  The long, dark days made a small house feel smaller.  Contrast that with the beginning of May.  The grass is green, the sun room is warm and bright.  The buyer is picturing entertaining family and friends with a barbeque on the deck.  Same house...two entirely different selling scenarios. 

What the above example illustrates is this:  buyers buy on emotion.  The pool pictured above is a perfect example.  On a hot, sunny day, the buyers will be practically drooling at the prospect of swimming in "their" pool.  What if the selller had a wonderful backyard skating rink?  Canadians like hockey and hockey parents like backyard rinks.  These examples show depending on the defining features of your home, the ideal time to sell may be June or January.

Selling a home for top dollar requires a brilliantly executed marketing strategy.  What are the defining features of your home?  When is the best time to sell it?  Unfortunately, it isn't always as obvious as the above examples.  If you need help answering these questions, I'm here for you.  Feel free to call or email 519-505-4488 jeff.gingerich@century21 .ca. 


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