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There is an emerging trend for city folk to become town and country folk.  The reasons for this trend are many and varied.  For some, it comes down to price - more house and land for less money and lower property taxes.  For others, they want to escape - the houses that are too close together, the noise, traffic, air pollution, litter and crime.  Others see their current neighbourhood as lacking a sense of community.  Still others want a more laid back lifestyle or a place to put down roots and raise their kids.  Lastly, people are moving to the country to regain control.  Their goal is self-sufficiency which means their own water supply, septic system, vegetable garden, fruit trees, heat source, cows, chickens, etc.  This group has a growing distrust of politicians, banks and utility companies.    

I grew up a country boy and my parents still live there.  I now live in the city and this gives me a unique perspective when helping people thinking about a move to the country.  I'll usually ask questions about their current lifestyle.  If they're still working, will they commute or look for a new job?  Other possibilities include working from home or starting a business.  I also like to point out that knowing everyone's business is a way of life in a small town.  While you may achieve privacy through a new address, the country may not be for you if you are a private person.  The community in a small town expects everyone to lend a hand with things like service clubs, school council, church, government and team sports.  Depending on your location, access to doctors, dentists, restaurants, airports, cultural events and arenas to name a few may be limited.   

Moving to the country can mean many different things to many people.  By discussing your situation and assisting with research, I can help to make sure you are making the right decision for the right reasons now and in the future. 

If you'd like to discuss the possibilities, feel free to contact me.  Mailto:  Jeff.Gingerich@century21.ca


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