New Agents Dealing With Rejection

If your a seasoned agent you've probably have already dealt with rejection a lot and your skin has gotten tough to it.  For us new agents it still stings doesn't it?    When those friends, family and co-workers you were counting on to list or buy say those dreeded words..."umm I already have an agent", or "I think we need to go with a more established agent"  If these words hurt, they should, because you were rejected by someone you trusted to help you in your new venture.   How can you numb the pain?  My only advice is to accept the fact there isn't much we can do.  You can dwell on it or curse them that they never sell their didn't want it anyway right?  Of course you did.  Remind them that your a energetic agent building a client list, and that you dedicate more time to them then some agents who have a larger client load.  And offer the help of a more seasoned agent from your office to help you build a relationship with your peers, that will turn around and get you referrals when those co-workers plates are full.  Yes we are in this for ourselves, but also as a team that can all benefit. 

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