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Welcome to my Website

Thanks for dropping by.

As we all have to live someplace, Real Estate becomes just about everyones favorite topic. I have included some general information for you to peruse, if you have any questions please call me at 204 724 4438.

I am here to assist you in owning your new or preowned home.


1. Professional Background

Most of my working career has evolved around the housing industry in one form or another.

Over 13 years experience in the Real Estate business, I was originally licenced in Alberta and working in the Calgary market place through the 1990's. We returned to family roots in Brandon in 2001. With a desire to return to the Real Estate industry, I took the Manitoba education courses in 2007 and was re-licensed in 2008 and am currently working in the Brandon and area market place.

My real estate career is augmented by 17 years in the New Home Construction industry with Cairns Homes Ltd in Regina and subsequently in Calgary with Heartland Homes, as well as the Operations manager for the City of Brandon.

Helping homeowners get their property sold and buyers to find the perfect house is a full time job. It is not rocket science, but it does take perseverance and a strong commitment to my clients.   

Call me for a private interview to discovery how I work with you, whether you are buying or selling, upgrading, downsizing, buying new or preowned.

I am here to assist you owning your own new or preowned home.



2. How can I serve you.

The Real Estate business is all about people and relationships. I want to be your Realtor for life, not just for one transaction. My aim is to provide you with outstanding service and commitment to your needs, so much so that you will feel comfortable in referring me to friends and family.

That is the real test of success.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, or you are planning on upgrading or downsizing your housing needs, I work for you to make that purchase or sale as smooth as possible, while protecting your best interests in the transaction.

Ask to see my service pledge.

3. Personal Background

Married in 1975, Diane and I have 2 kids, one is in Edmonton with an Engineering degree, the other will be attending ACC here in Brandon for the  electrical apprenticeship program the fall of 2009.

Diane and I both grew up in Regina, Diane attending Marion High and myself at Campbell Collegiate. I also attended ACC in my youth as well as Red River Community College for a Photo Tech designation.

Our family has moved around a bit, although our first 2 homes were in Regina, we have also lived in Winnipeg, Prince Albert, and Calgary.

4. Personal Interests

Outside of my Real Estate business, I stay busy with the odd renovation job on our 1950's built home. Handy with most tools, there are not many household projects that I will not undertake.

I enjoy photography as a hobby, always on the lookout for interesting picture opportunities.

We also have been enjoying a small cabin up at Clear Lake since the mid 1950's We enjoy most anything around the water including boating, skiing, canoeing, fishing and have built the odd sand castle with the kids. Although I think I enjoyed it more than the kids did.

We have done most of the day hikes around the Park as well as a couple of the overnighters. This year I plan on Cycling out to the old POW camp at Whitewater Lake in RMNP.   

5. Community Involvement

I am a member of the Wheat City Lions Club. The club gets involved in community events that benefit those less fortunate than ourselves, not just in our local community but also our world community. 

In recent years I have been able to offer my time on various board duties with the Cabin Owners Assoc at the Lake, as well as a number of other committees and boards that meet and work with Parks Canada staff in order to maintain the integrity of the Park and the lake for all Canadians, for generations to come.

6. Education

In Manitoba there are yearly manditory education upgrades required of Real Estate agents, covering such topics as:

  • Agency duty
  • Appraisel
  • New House sales and construction
  • Acreages and Farms
  • Condominium sales to name just a few.

Courses are developed regularly to cover new concepts as they arise in the industry. Currently am I studying the certificate course, "Real Property Law".

7. Specialties

I specialize in Residential Real Estate, that includes single family homes and condo's, both new and existing, and small acreages and towns within a half hour commute to Brandon.

8. Presenting your home in it's best light.

When you put your home on the market it is all about price, presentation and exposure.

I would be pleased to share my ideas with you, please give me a call.

I include the following for your consideration. Bear in mind that there are no gaurentees to value in the market place, but there are some things that you can do improve the value and or the saleability of your property with out spending a large amount of money.

When presenting your home for sale keep in mind a couple of concepts.

  • Generally buyers are looking for a house that feels like a home. A lot of buyers actually will not know what they like or what they are looking for until they see it. Nothing wrong with this, it's just the way it is. When a buyer finds a house they like it, it's almost like magic, it just works.


  • I recommend that you remove or repair anything that might be a turnoff to the buyer. Whether he or she likes your home after that is up to the buyer, but at least you have done all you can.


  • Bare in mind that buyers do not want to buy someone else's mess. Generally buyers are looking for neat, clean and ready to move into, with minimal work to be done. If there is something that you have been wanting to do, now may be a good time to get it completed. Even though on the surface it appears to be benefiting the buyer, in the long run you are benefiting by getting top value for your home.


The following are some ideas that you can do without spending a bunch of money.


  • put in a new shower curtain.
  • hard water stains should be removed from shower doors.
  • tile grout is easy to refresh, you do not need to dig it all out.
  • silicone caulking is easy to replace as well, just make sure it is neat and clean.
  • If the drywall behind the shower tiles is soft from moisture penetration, the best bet is to replace it. The buyer will enevitably find the moisture penetration via a home buyers inspection anyway. 
  • chipped sinks and corroded tapes are a turnoff, money well worth spending to change them out. 
  • make sure the bathroom fan works, replace it if it's noisy.


  • make sure counter-tops are de-cluttered
  • put small appliances away
  • infrequently used appliances should be put in storage to free up cabinet space.
  • clean the fridge and stove, inside and out, the buyer will likely ask for them.
  • wash off the cabinets fronts particularly around the door knobs. 


  • clean windows, also the window sills a lot of people miss this.
  • in the winter if you have that shrink wrap on your windows, take it off, it screams poor leaky windows.
  • iced up windows indicate high humidity in the home, get a dehumidifier.
  • if you have the venetian blinds, try keeping them pulled at least partially up, it increases air flow on the glass surface thereby reducing icing.
  • repair or replace broken or non operating window blinds and window cranks.


  • shampoo all wall to wall carpets.
  • if you have entrance mats or runners that are old or dirty, pick up some new ones.
  • thoroughly wash/wax/clean floors, not just where you can see, but under cabinets kicks, corners, behind pedestal sinks and toilets etc.

Wall and trim repairs

  • if there are door knob dings in the walls, repair them, also put on the door stops.
  • painting is a good idea, it's inexpensive, and will show that you have cared for the property.
  • at the very least wash the walls, in particular around the light switches.
  • clean up finger marks and smudges on doors.
  • if you have white baseboards, they will likely need some paint touch-ups, particularly on the corners.
  • repaint basement stairs

closets and storage areas

  • you are planning on moving so box up all the extra stuff
  • de-clutter and un-stuff your house.
  • a few pictures on the walls or cabinets make a house a home, too many pictures distract the buyer.
  • closets that are full will tell the buyer that the closets are too small. 
  • too many personal items and nick knacks around distracts the buyer from feeling comfortable while in your home.


  • clean all light fixtures and ensure the the proper size bulbs are used
  • ensure the door bell works
  • make sure the mail box is in good shape
  • you want your home to feel warm and comfortable but not crowded, if you have excess furniture just for convenience, put it into storage. The buyer wants to feel spaciousness.

furnace room

  • have the furnace duct work cleaned and have the date sticker prominently placed, a prudent buyer will notice it and appreciate the care you have taken.
  • change the air filter
  • remove clutter from around the furnace and water heater
  • wash and clean off the the furnace and water heater.
  • organize your storage and shop area so it is neat, tidy and everything in it's place.
  • if you are a hunter make sure the guns are hidden away
  • if you have empty beverage containers saved up, take them back for the refund.   


  • The exterior street appeal is so critical, the buyer is already forming his opinion as they walk up to the front of your home.
  • in the growing season keep the grass watered, green and trimmed.
  • a fresh coat of paint on the exterior trim will improve the street appeal
  • really important to repair any rotting exposed wood surfaces such as wood soffits and facia boards or deck planks and railing, and fencing.
  • trim up any low tree branches, particularly if you have to duck under a branch to get to the front door. Thin out overgrown or dead shrubs.



These are just a few ideas for best presenting your home without spending a bundle. It takes a critical eye to see past all the items that you have been living with and don't even see any more, but rest assured the buyer will see them.

I can help you go through your home to identify all the easy things to improve upon. No house is perfect, but you want to make the best impression that you can, the first time around. 

You can also ask your agent to take you around to some of the homes that you will be competing against for the buyer. It's called shopping the competition:

  • It will help help you to determine fair market value in your market segment
  • you will see what condition others are showing their homes in.

If you are thinking about making more expensive repairs or renovations before selling, call me for a second opinoin, before you spend a bundle.

There are many renovations that may not bring you more money in a sale.  

Call me at 204 724 4438 for a personal interview.



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