New septage regulations for rural acreages

It was just announced that the Provincial government has passed new regulations regarding how septic waste water will be treated in rural and cottage areas. This new regulation comes on the heels of public and private consultation sessions that have been held over the past while. If you have not seen the details you can log into the Manitoba Conservation web site or give the local office a call and I am sure they can fill you in. There are a number of changes but in short here is a brief synopsis:

There will be no new ejector systems allowed and any existing ones will have to be removed when there is a transfer of ownership. Any new sewage systems will have to meet the new legislation.

(Ejector systems pump untreated sewage from a holding tank directly on to the surface of the ground, they had been previously allowed as long as you had a minimum of 10 acres.)

Some of the new regulations are:

Existing tank and field installations will be allowed to remain but when they fail, and they do, any replacements will need to comply with the new legislation. The old guidelines generally allowed a tank and septic field as long as the set backs from property lines and buildings were met along with some soil condition requirments. 

Any new septic tank and field installations will have to comply with a minimum of a 2 acre parcel.

New tank and fields will not be allowed in areas that have municipal collections systems in place.

Tank and Fields will not be allowed in sensitive areas, crown lands, cottage developments, provincial parks and  parts of the Red River corridor.

In the areas where you can't put in a septic tank and field system the common method will be to install a pump out tank, and contract a licenced septic hauler to service your acreage. There are other solutions available and  Manitoba Conservation will review each application as required.

These new regulation will definitely have an impact on acreage dwellers, some immediately, other down the road, but I am sure that everyone can agree that we need to protect our water resources.

Please contact your local Manitoba Conservation office for a full over view of the new regulations.

if you are planning on purchasing or selling your acreage give me a call at 204 724 4438, I have some applicable brochures that will assist you.

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