fall season repairs and winter preparation

I know no one wants to hear that cold weather is approaching, but unless you live a lot further south than the Canadian Prairies, cold weather in inevitable. How we prepare and deal with it makes all the differance.

Soon if not already you will be preparing your kids or yourself with winter clothing, boots, gloves. Even your car might get a set of winter tires and a "tuneup", if I can still use that word. 

Well your house is no different. It needs some care before it gets cold. Things like: 

Clean out your eave trough of fallen leaves, needles and other debris. You want the eave trough and down pipe to be clear of obstructions when the spring rolls around  and the snow starts to melt off your roof.

While your at it, check the grade around the foundation. Make sure the grade slopes away from the foundation, and ensure there is at least 4' to 6' down pipe extensions to guide the water well away from the foundation. That is one of the easiest ways of helping to ensure a dry basement.

Does your sewer drain need to be Rooto Rooted on a regular basis. If so schedule this to happen before the snow flies, it is makes for a cleaner job if the plumber is not dragging in snow when its 20 below out to clear your drain.

Also a big one, have a furnace technician check your furnace before they get busy in the cold season. Heat exchangers do crack from time to time, and need replacing. A furnace that quites for no apparent reason on a 40 degree below night is no fun.      

Change all your smoke detector batteries, and this one can be a life saver. If you do not have a Carbon Monoxide detector in the house, get one.

There are lots more things that can be done around the home before it gets cold. Somebody could write a book about it..........

Have a great autumn season.



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Jeff Sim

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