lead in your water ??

If you have run a water test for lead and you find it is on the high side, not to panic, there are affordable solutions.

changing out the water lines and be expensive. If the water line coming from the street main to your front property line is lead, the city will share in the costs of that replacement and remediation. But even with the city splitting the costs with you it can still be several thousand. All dependant on how much pavement has to be ripped up, possibly the city sidewalk to replace, maybe a tree, and the total length to be replaced. The city engineering dept can work up an estimate for you.

But if the street side portion needs to be done very likley the line coming from your property line curb box to inside the home also needs replacing. And for that my friend you are on your own tab. Again it will vary due to length, location of the water meter in the house, trees to remove and again likley be in the thousands.

So is there a more affordable solution?? Absolutely.

Some solutions might be considered more temporary that permanent, but others can work as a long term solution.

Any hardware store has a mirade of different water filters all doing something different for you and ranging from $50 to $250 and up. You need to be careful with these as not all remove lead particulate and also be aware of the the lifespan of and the cost of replacing the filter cartridges. The system might be cheap to start with, but will get expensive with cartridge replacements. 

Another solution might be a Reverse Osmosis system, a whole house unit can be quite expensive, but if you are only solving for lead, you really only need to address the kitchen sink water line. I was recently chatting with Phil the owner of Blue Moon Water located here in Brandon and there are single point of use Reverse Osmosis systems for just around the $500.00 to $600.00 mark. A viable solution for sure.

Also another convenient solution Phil suggested are the portable refillable 5 gallon water containers and dispensers. There are a variety of dispensers from the electric, hot and chilled water to the less expensive non electric models to ones that just sit on the counter top.

So lots of solutions if you find yourself saddled with tap water with lead content that you are concerned about.

Talk to some of the good folks in the water business you might be surprized at your options.

Good luck on your project, I would be please to here from you if you have any questions.




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