lead water lines in brandon

The Brandon Sun recently ran a couple of articles about the lead lines still existance in some parts of Brandon. If you are wondering if you are effected or in those areas, there is a map on city's web site at www.brandon.ca that will show the areas that still have lead water lines underground. I also have the maps at  my office so feel free to call me as well.

A word of caution --- even though the lead water line from the city main to the property line may have been replaced as indicated by the map, the line from the property line into your home may not have been.

You can check your own line fairly easy. Look at the water line where it comes through the concrete floor before the water meter. Clean off any dust or debris, if it looks redish or a copper colour, it is copper. If it is darker, black, or grey it is likely lead. Lead is easy to make a scratch in as well, where as copper is not.

Please be gentle with these older connections, don't put any pressure on them. If the joints are old and corroded, they could also be weakened and could easily be snapped.

if you think you have lead, or not, you can have a water test completed through the city pretty inexpensively. The test takes about 7 to 10 days for results to come back. If the reading is high, now comes the decision as to what you are going to do about it.

More on that on my next posting

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