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As a home owner, renter, or if you are planning on buying or selling a piece of property there are a few web sites that are choch full of information you might find useful.

Canada Mortage and Housing Corporation, ( CMHC)      www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca      You may know of this department for the high ratio financing insurance that you will have paid if you purchased with less than 20 % as a down payment. This insurance is issued by CMHC to insure the bank against a loss in case of foreclosure ---- but you pay it.  It is one of those love /hate relationships, hate to pay the insurance fee but with out it the bank act says you need 20% down. Whether to avoid the insurance costs by saving for a few more years in order to have the 20% downpayment is a whole nother topic.  hmmm good idea for my next blog post.

Back to the point CMHC is a whole lot more than just an insurer, their web site is full of great information for the home owner who is renovating, the tenant, a prospective buyer or seller. It is a great site to book mark.

Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch,         www.gov.mb.ca/cca/rtb           For the prospective landlord or tenant this is a must site to visit. It has the guidlines and rules that tenants and landlord must repect when dealing with each other. Did you know that as a landlord you are obligated to give 3 full clear month notice to your tenant if you are selling the property and the buyer wants vacant possession. And that notice comes after all conditions are met and it is a firm deal. If you the landloard are going to move in yourself or a family member is moving in, or you are going todo a major renovation and the current tenant can not live in it under construction then you are required to give 5 months notice. The length of notice is based on the vacancy rate as published by CMHC, updated every 6 months I believe.


Manitoba Property Registry Branch      www.gov.mb.ca/tpr  This site will access the Land Titles Office but also  this is where when buying a used car you can check to see if there is any outstanding loans against it, In the real Estate world, this is also where your mobile home is registered.

Just as a note, it is not a bad idea to have a copy of the registered ownership of your mobile and in the case of fixed real Estate a copy of your land titles document for your archives at home.

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