winter prep and projects

My last post I mentioned a few things to do around the house before old man winter arrives. I missed something that I will mention now.

Don't forget to remove your garden hoses from the lawn service tap on the house, even if you have the newer self draining taps. With the hose attached there is water trapped within the tap assembly. If left to freeze it will likely burst the pipe. When you turn on the water in the spring you will hear water running, but it won't be outside.

If you have the old style hose bib with the secondary manual shut off value inside the basement, you still need to shut that off, then remove the hose and turn on the outside tap to allow the water to drain. Sometimes there is a small secondary you can open as well in order to drain the pipe. Otherwise same thing, you'll risk a burst pipe come spring.

Winter is the time of season where a lot of folks do an inside project. A great idea to keep you home updated and looking good.

Something that very few people consider doing is a plan of action to save money to make specifac upgrades to the home on things that wear out due to age. Very much like a well run condominium project, where they will have a small portion of the condos fees that are collected go into a Reserve Fund that are ear marked to replace items over time.  A house is no different, the monthy bills need to get paid, but how about a plan to replace for things like shingles, siding, windows, flooring, cabinets, you get the picture. Each one of those items, and more, will wearout over time and will eventually need replacing. Most people don't plan long term, then when things start to show their age struggle to work it into the monthly budget. How much more stress free would it be if you had  a plan that looked out 10, 20 even 30 years in advance to replace those items that we all know will need replacing eventually.

My next blog will have some suggestions on the costs of some of those items to help with a rough budget.



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