Penthouse with Indoor Slide


Penthouse with Indoor Slide

Modern apartment in New York features large panoramic windows, indoor balconies, glass floors, integrated climbing wall, and tubular slide.


Luxury apartment offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

There are four bedrooms, 32 windows, and a swing in the living room.

Indoor slide runs through all four levels of the penthouse apartment.

SkyHouse was designed by David Hotson and Ghislaine Vinas.


Apartment with a Slide

Penthouse with Tubular Slide

Apartment with Indoor Slide

Apartment with Tubular Slide

Slide Apartment

Slide Penthouse

Skyhouse Slide

Skyhouse by David Hotson


Penthouse by David Hotson

Apartment by David Hotson

Slide Apartment by David Hotson

Slide Penthouse by David Hotson

Skyhouse Penthouse

Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse in New York

David Hotson

New York Penthouse

New York Apartment

David Hotson Architect

Skyhouse in New York


Penthouse with a Slide


Jeff LeBlanc


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