Preparing your home for the Spring Market!










The spring real estate market is the busiest time of year in our industry. Having your home for sale in Collingwood or Wasaga Beach before the spring market leaps into high gear has real benefits, one of which includes showcasing your home to motivated buyers prior to competition flooding the market.  




A great way to keep an edge on your competition is to ‘Price Right’.  This decision requires more then knowing what you think your home is worth; it requires you to have a clear understanding of what other homes like yours are selling for and why. This is where having Jen Scholte as your Realtor comes in handy!


  • Let's do some research.  An extensive analysis on the local housing market shows us patterns and up to date data on the market. We'll determine a list price which will get you results.
  • We'll answer questions like ‘should I buy my new home before my current one sells’  or  ‘what if my current home sells before I find a new one?’.
  • Selling is a process! I'll keep you educated and comfortable throughout your move. Communication is key!



During the preparation to list your home, a “must do” is to declutter!

  • Stage or not to Stage? Have you ever experienced a home that has been professionally staged? What is always missing? Clutter! I often get asked if DIY Staging is ok... my answer is...sure... START PACKING! Then we'll assess the next steps in our plan.
  • Hire a cleaner for one day! Consider this a gift to yourself. Packing unsettles all the dust bunnies that linger in places we don't normally get to. You need to stay focused on the process of moving and hiring a cleaner puts a 'Shine in the Room'. It's worth every penny.
  • Packing away your personal treasures makes a huge difference. Buyer's need to be able to picture themselves in your home. Removing family and personal photos and replacing them with a few lifestyle items reminds a buyer why your home is a great choice.



What seems minor is oftern major! Wow buyers by completing some minor home improvements.  Pride of ownership is the way to a buyer's heart, it adds an element of trust in the process of selling.

  • Let’s face it, almost every home can use some touch ups.  Consider tackling a few small projects that make a big impact. Updating light fixtures, changing lightbulbs, touching up grout and finishing up your DIY projects.
  • "Wow, it's bright!" Did you know that this comment from buyers is often the result of clean windows. Wash your windows inside and out for a crisp clean look.
  • Take an 'outside inventory' of projects that need to be completed as spring comes into full bloom. Look at eavestroughs, downspouts, caulking around windows, grading so that water moves away from the foundation and make a list of seasonal repairs to tackle.



A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. In the staging world we have some go to colours that are real life winners.

  • Paint bright or dark rooms a neutral tone.
  • Put a frsh coat of paint on door frames and baseboards to make them look clean and new.
  • Consider touching up your front door to make a lasting first impression.


We're here for you!


Spring into action with our help. Part of the process of selling this spring is to prepare for the market in a productive, efficient way. We have great people on our team that can help. If you need a contractor, help running junk to the dump, moving items to a storage unit, washing windows or touching up caulking... connect with me. We'll help you get the jobs done so that you can make moving a reality this spring.



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