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Looking for the "BAST" in Real Estate?

HI!  I am JENNI BAST!  Some may know me as "AGT JEN". 

I am proud to be part of a real estate team alongside my dad (Brian) & my mom (Karen).  I work for the wonderful company of Century 21 Dome Realty Inc., here in Regina.  Although most the time, it feels like my second family.  I am lucky to have such a great support system in both my personal & business life & I would love to share it with you.

In my lifetime I have had my fair share of moves!

I grew up in northwest Regina as a child along with my family.  Just when I was about to start high school, we moved to White City (where I attended Greenall High School in Balgonie).  Talk about scary, starting high school with a bunch of strangers known as "the new girl" for about the first year.  It was also an emotional time for me as a teenager; leaving all my friends I made through elementary school.  Back then, I literally thought life was over & sure made my parents know it.  However, with time I made new friends & it became more like "home".  I continued playing hockey & basketball, just on different teams.  When I got my driver's license, the move didn't even phase me anymore. 

From there, I moved with my family to east Regina.  At the age of 21, I purchased my very first house in central Regina.  Experiencing this (luckily with my parents by my side, helping me along the way), I can now empathize with other first-time home buyers.  I then moved to Moose Jaw for a short time.  In 2011, I purchased my second home in Whitmore Park in south Regina.  It was at that time, I realized my calling & got licensed to become a Real Estate Agent!  In 2012, I realized that condo ownership would fit my busy lifestyle better & I purchased my third home, a condo in the Regina Albert Park area, where I still currently reside in.

All these moves have made me the strong, outgoing woman I am today.  Someone who can start a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere (even if it's in line at Tim Hortons).  Just don't tell my parents this; as back then I didn't have such a positive outlook on the whole moving thing.  I think if I would've stayed put in one house in one community my whole life, I still would be the quiet, shy girl I was when I was young.  Although, I'm sure my parents would've loved the quiet characteristic to stay.

My family also consists of my two other brothers.  My older brother is a rig manager & lives in the Regina area.  My younger brother plays hockey in Germany.  Some may think being the middle child isn’t that great.  But why not flip that mentality?!  What’s the best part of an Oreo cookie?  Yup, that’s right – the icing in the middle!  I carry some of that great creative thinking into real estate.  Whether it’s a catchy marketing idea for your property to catch the eyes of a future buyer or thinking outside the box to make both sides (the buyer & the seller) win in a transaction.  I really do dislike that word “transaction” as it feels impersonal.  It’s more an exchange of real estate where a new family can now enjoy it just as you once did.

My motto is change is good!  Apparently, I took that literally, as I get the itch to move every few years into a different property, myself.  I know & understand the anxiety, fear & vulnerability that arise when making such a big investment.  I want to lessen some of that stress, help with the marketing & legal portion, & make it a bit of fun along the way.  Life is too short, so why not enjoy it (even during those challenging times).   Home buying & home selling is normally known as a stressful time, but why can't we make it an exciting time.  It's a new chapter of your life!  A new place to hang your hat!  It could be the start of new friendships with neighbours!  A shorter commute to work!  Maybe, even a friendly community for your kids to play sports in!  I want to be a part of that amazing time in people's lives (but more importantly, your life). 

I am passionate about what I do because I truly care! 

Let’s meet & chat about your needs, wants, & lifestyle. 

My goal is to take all the work out of it, so that you can have a positive experience during this exciting time in your life. 

Let’s make it happen!  Call me today!  Call the “BAST” in Real Estate!



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