Strong Start to 2016 Sales


After months of a stalled market it looks like homes in Moose Jaw are starting to sell again.  

The end of 2015 really trailed off in terms of housing sales according to Rob Reynar, Manager of Operations and Members Services for The Association of Regina Realtors, the group that also oversees the Friendly City.

But the new year is showing good numbers so far with 42 sales in the Moose Jaw region.

"2016 is starting off fairly robust. It is above the five and ten year averages for sale, so that's a very good start to 2016." said Reynar. "2015 was certainly very consistent through out southern Saskatchewan, where sales really tailed off towards the end of the year."

While it's possible some buyers were trying to wait out the market to get a better price on homes, the January report shows housing prices are only down 3.7% and Reynar expects a stable market in 2016, calling it a fair market rather than leaning to either the seller or the buyer, in terms of advantage.

"Every up has a down and every down has an up. If you stretch something to far one way, it's going to equalize." explained Reynar. "The natural market wants to come to balance at some point and we could be seeing evidence of that but it's way to early to tell, it's one month so lets see how the first quarter goes."


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