This month, my family and I received a pamphlet from the city of Toronto regarding Home Fire Safety. I have a feeling some people threw it out (Guilty! I happen to disregard everything but bills). Throwing out the recycling one night, I saw the pamphlet and decided to give it a second look. Not everyone seems to take the steps to ensure the safety of their home serious until they pass a horrible experience, let us all be prepared as life is a gift! I am sure everyone knows the obvious things such as DO NOT SMOKE IN YOUR HOME, so I only took note of the unthought-of points:



o  Ensure that all matches and lighters are out of the sight and reach of children

o  If parents suspect their child is involved in inappropriate fire use, they can call Toronto Fire    Services for information and assistance (GREAT! Have someone else scare your children!!

o  Always stay in the kitchen when your cooking

o  Keep Children at lease one metre from the stove

o  If you are sleepy or have consumed alcohol, don’t use the stove

o  Always Blow out Candles before leaving the room

o  Ensure that you have no overloaded electrical outlets or circuits. Extension cords must be used only as a temporary connection.

o  Install smoke alarms with a “hush” feature to silence nuisance alarms. Never remove batteries or disconnect smoke alarms.

o  The use of Photoelectric Smoke alarms may reduce the frequency of nuisance alarms outside   the kitchen and bathroom

o  Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at least once a month

o  Change smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries annually

o  Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms have a limited lifespan. It is advised to replace all smoke   alarms of more than 10 years and carbon monoxide of more than 7 years. Check manufacturers instructions for complete details

o  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing, testing and maintaining smoke and   carbon monoxide alarms


o  Ensure working smoke alarms are installed on every storey of your home and outside all     sleeping areas. It’s the law and the responsibility of every homeowner and every landlord!

o  For extra protection, install a smoke alarm in every bedroom


o  Develop a home fire escape plan and practice it with the entire family. Sometimes you have       less than a minute to escape a fire emergency!

o  Keep all exits in the home clear and easy to use


1.  Draw a floor plan of your home

2.  Include all possible emergency exits

3.  Show two ways out of every room, if possible

4.  Does anyone need help to escape?

     Decide in advance who will assist the very young, older adults or people with disabilities in your      household.

5.  Choose a meeting place outside

6.  Call the fire department from outside your home

7.  Practice your escape

For more detailed information click on the link provided on Home Fire Safety Kit

Also, there is a Toronto Fire Services Tips Card you can put on your fridge 

"Ensuring the safety and Integrity of your home is a priority"

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