Ease Into Winterizing Your Home

With the kids back to school and autumn temperatures in the air, there’s no denying that winter will soon be on our doorstep. With that in mind, preparing our homes will make the fall to winter transition that much simpler and cozier. Keeping your home in tip-top shape may also help to facilitate the sale of your home in a timely manner come spring! Here is a list of a few items you can do:

  1. Furnace Maintenance – Turn your furnace on to figure out that your furnace does, in fact, produce heat! Book a professional to have your furnace maintained and cleaned before winter actually arrives full force. This is the ideal time to book, before the cold temperatures arrive and the professionals get too booked to fix your furnace immediately. Programming your thermostat saves energy and, as a result, money.
  2. Don’t forget the C02 detectors -   When we ‘fall’ backward with the time change, this is the ideal time to remember to change the batteries in the CO2 detectors. Always press the ‘test’ button on the detectors as even new batteries can be deficient.
  3. Windows and doors – did you feel a draft last winter through the front door? Take a look at the caulking around all of the doors and windows and especially the weatherstripping on the doors. With wear and tear and the drastic temperature changes year round, the weatherstripping can take a real beating.
  4. Eavestroughs – thinking about putting the Christmas lights up while the weather is still warm (there are still some who think it doesn’t feel like Christmas is coming until you are standing outside, in below zero temperatures with a windchill, holding the ladder for someone else to put the lights up!)? This is the ideal time to check the eavestroughs and ensure the leaves that have piled up are cleared out to provide a path for drainage once the ice and snow starts to melt.
  5. Driveway – sealing your driveway helps to ensure that water won’t seep into cracks and expand during a freeze. Stock sand, salt, and shovels ahead of time so you aren’t caught in the event of an ice storm.
  6. Outdoors – don’t forget that the outdoors, garden and lawn in particular, needs to be taken care of as well. Outdoor taps should have their water supply turned off and small bushes and shrubs covered in burlap so that their branches don’t break with the weight of snow. Putting mulch in your garden helps your perennial plants keep warm and survive the winter.
  7. Lastly, think about preparing for an emergency – what do you have in place in case you wake up feeling like you have been sleeping outside in 320 below zero and you are actually inside the house? Place candles, matches, water, non-perishable food and blankets in a bin that you can easily access.

The Girl Guide Motto of ‘Be Prepared’ can most certainly be fitting at times!

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