Money, money, money….in every corner of your home!

Money, money, money, there’s only so much to go around. My dad used to tell me I have champagne tastes on a beer budget….are you like me? Do you find it easier to spend money, than save money?

While thinking about writing this week’s blog and keeping on the same vein of budgeting as I have been for the past two weeks, it came to me, while I was literally walking around my home looking for key savings ideas that I could share. I was blown away by what I almost every room there are savings. Here I share with you some ideas -

  • Use Appliances Off-Peak

Run dishwashers, washers and dryers with full loads at off-peak times. Most newer appliances can be programmed to delay their start until a certain time. I personally can’t stand listening to the dishwasher run (and they told me it was a ‘quiet’ dishwasher when I bought it!?) so always program it to run around 2 a.m. Same with the washer, I’ll delay the cycle, knowing it will finish just as I am getting out of bed. Keeping appliances clean so they run efficiently is also key – you can even purchase an attachment for your vacuum cleaner that will reach into the lint trap. This also helps to reduce the chance of a dryer fire..just saying! Don’t forget to empty the lint trap after every cycle, this little step saves energy! Even fridge vents need to be cleaned to run efficiently.

  • Power Bars Fight Phantom Power

Plug appliances and electronic gadgets into a power bar so they can easily be turned off when not in use and eliminate phantom power from being drawn. Going away for a vacation, unplug every appliance/light etc that’s not necessary. Toasters don’t need to be plugged in while you are away!

  • Use Less Water

Use efficient shower heads or low flow faucet aerator attachments. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, water running down the drain is just a waste. Don’t wash or pre-rinse dishes under running water. I am apparently guilty of this one. When doing dishes, let the dishes soak in a sink of water (if they aren’t going into the dishwasher), wash them, put them in the drain tray and turn on the water to rinse everything at once... big no no to keep the water running.

  • Cozy Insulation

Add insulation to the attic and any walls, weather-stripping to doors, and caulking around windows to seal cracks. Piping insulation can go around hot and cold water pipes and the water tank. Make sure the HVAC system gets a tune-up, spring and fall.

  • Efficient Kitchen Habits

Reheat food in the microwave instead of the stove. Keep lids on pots when cooking. Use electric kettles with auto shutoff to boil water. Don’t open the oven door to check on food until it’s done cooking.

Granted, all of these ideas won’t make you rich; however, there are savings to be had, in every corner of your house. Remember, every little bit counts. 

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