Post holiday - Fight or Flight?

Holidays are behind us, what’s next? Weight loss programs? The newest Detox Diet? How about starting the new year, feeling like you’ve lost 100 pounds – I’m not talking weight, I’m talking holiday bills. You’re not the only one; we all went a little overboard this year. Let’s rebound and come up with ways to save a bit.

A checklist is a must to keep organized – try ‘Numbers’ or ‘Evernote’ from the App Store. The more organized I am, the less I seem to over spend. Where I typically seem to overspend, consistently, is at the grocery store. We all do it, make a list and either forget it or notoriously get caught up in the grocery store ‘sale’ items and fail to stick to it. Before you know it, there are several trips to the store through the week in order to satisfy what you feel like that night. If you haven’t already subscribed to, it’s a must-have - Click here. All local flyers are easy to access, even using the grocery flyers to price match at the cash register!

A great tip to cut that impulsive spending is by Weekly Meal Planning. Try Click here for Meal Planner – personalized just for you and your family. Who doesn’t want money left over at the end of the week – to put towards your mortgage, your ‘rainy day just in case’ fund or your emergency stash? A weekly Meal Planner also means you have created more time from your already hectic schedule. Remember, crockpots can be your new best friend – go to bed and have ready-made oatmeal in the morning! Try this recipe out from - Crock Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal.

There are a number of other great websites dedicated to meal planning - easy to follow, assisting you in getting started, and more importantly, helping you to follow-through with your new budgeted and pre-planned meals everyone will enjoy.

Stick to it, you will be amazed at the savings .......You can do it!

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