Reboot your home for 2015

Well, we seem to have breezed through the first month of 2015 already, when did that happen? I know we still have the rest of winter to go through but life happens no matter the weather, season or time of year. Part of life seems to be taxes, yup, saw my first commercial for tax season last night, ugh! With the Bank of Canada changing the overnight lending rate, the real estate market has been hopping. Major banks are certainly helping by lowering their prime lending rates. Where am I going with this, with life being really busy, who has time to keep track of everything and stay organized.

My schedule as a busy working mom not only involves organizing myself, but my family’s as well. Usually I am pretty organized but, no matter what, there’s only so many hours in the day and somewhere, something falls to the side. Organizing and budgeting are not only useful, they are crucial to making things run smoothly, especially with tax season coming up.

Making, and sticking to a budget has to be one of the most daunting tasks ever; however, if income is limited or spread thin, it is so very important. Putting some sort of amount away every month or every paycheque is key. No matter how much, or how little, you set aside, if you can wrap your head around the fact that you can’t spend everything you earn, you’ll have money set aside for the emergencies or those items you were least expecting, like a car repair you weren’t anticipating. I also think it’s important to pay yourself as well, take care of your needs.

Try to organize your household to help create calm and less chaos. I recall my mom constantly making lists when I was younger. As a surly teenager, yes I was surly I admit, I would chastise my mom, asking her why she needed to write everything down. Of course, I came to realize that, with 3 kids at home, all with different schedules, and working herself, that there was something to be said about writing lists. There are loads of programs you can download for your iPad or iPhone (sorry, not an android user) if technology helps to keep you organized –whether you need a list for household chores, grocery needs, a calendar for different family members or the like.

There is also some comfort to be had by keeping your house tidy and organized.. little things DO make a big difference in your organized mind... do those dishes, make your bed, etc.. giving you a sense of accomplishment and leaving room open to tackling even more. Uncluttered home, uncluttered mind.

With this being said, please join me on Wednesday, February 18th as I host my first seminar of the year – ‘Reboot your home for 2015’. We’ll touch on home maintenance tips and getting organized. You’ll want to attend for your chance to win a programmable Nest thermostat - Click here for info on Nest thermostats! There’ll be some great take-aways too! RSVP to by February 11th.

That's all I have for this week, I hope it helps.. it is a process, trust me, but I’m convinced that you can do it! 

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