Skipping a Realtor might be the biggest mistake a real estate investor could make

I'm often asked why buyers of real estate and, more so, investors looking for ROI or cash flow from real estate should use realtors. As a real estate professional, I do my due diligence for my clients, from the initial buyer interview and discovering the needs and wants of my buyer clients to researching comparable sales and the amenities in a particular neighbourhood. These are just at few of the reasons a Buyer Representation Agreement should be presented to buyers when they are working with at realtor. Once this is signed, it gives me the permission to door knock in the neighbourhoods, ask other a realtors in my office and database what listings they may be working on, and strive to find a home that meets the buyer client's needs on their checklist.  As a client, you engage my services so that I can work on your behalf and negotiate the best price on your behalf.  to that note, I would like to share an article I came across that makes a case for why you need a realtor as a buyer investor ( The same holds true for any buyer of real estate - enjoy the read and remember - 2 1/2 milk in a large Tim Horton's coffee when we meet to have that conversation about real estate you've been waiting to have.

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