To blog or not to blog....that is the question

Anyone who knows me well knows I can have an opinion or, better yet, a thought about anything. I'm sure there were a few chuckles after that sentence! I started the year off with what I thought was a realistic goal of blogging weekly,  sharing my industry experience and knowledge and #realestate market information with my clients, friends and, basically, anyone willing to read my blog and walk away with some small piece of information they didn't know. Thanks to my buddy, Rob, I added my thoughts to his weekly blog skeleton and my yearly goals were realized.  Something was missing though and I couldn't quite out my finger on it.  The lightbulb went on this week.  I had structured myself into a corner, thinking that every Monday I had to come up with an opinion about something. The information I presented wasn't necessarily timely, as I came across it. So, starting this week, as I come across a tidbit of information, something that everyone can use to improve their lives or add value to their day-to-day living, be sure to 'tune in' to my blog! This is Jennifer Bourikas, #MovingYouHome across the GTA. 

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Jennifer Bourikas

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